Looking Back: My Limón Roots


Location: The Embassy of Costa Rica in the U.S.A

Opening Reception: May 17,2017.

You can visit the art exhibition at the Embassy of Costa Rica Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

My Limón Roots exhibit portrays a visual narrative of her upbringing in Bataan, Limón, Costa Rica. Bataan is a small town made up of working class families whom mainly work in banana plantations and cattle farming. The works of art captures the beauty of the landscapes found in the area, from cattle farms, banana plantations, to rivers. Her hometown has also shed light on the value of humility and hardship or “La Lucha”, the name of her grandfather’s family business, the town's first butcher shop. Most of her work required a long process of layers or steps whether it was hand sewing, cutting wood and printing, or layering paint to create depth. All of which provided time to reflect on her childhood memories and roots from her hometown in Costa Rica.